The Mind Ape

Manjoun watching a battleinside a head,
Persian miniature

Since ancients time immortal real people have likened the mind to a monkey, because they truly saw that when the mind is wild and foolish this a tremendous obstacle on the way. If learners can control their mind then the Tao of essence and life can be comprehended. -- Liu Yiming (18th c. Taoist master)
Thoroughly understanding the mind-monkey, the machinations in the heart, by three thousand achievements one reaches heaven.
-- Understanding Reality by Zhang Boduan (11th c. Taoist master)

When the mind is uncontrolled it is an obstacle to reaching the state of Divine presence, but when it is controlled, and has the tools and knowledge to reach Divine Presence, it is referred to as the ruling faculty, or steward. The three thousand achievements are symbols for using the tools and knowledge to reach Divine presence

The human body is like a country, and the mind is like a ruler.
-- Liu Yiming, Hexagram #7 The Army, The Taoist I Ching
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