The egg

An egg was turned into a monkey to complete the Great Way. -- Journey to the West
My birth was not like that of an ordinary being: My body was formed when sun and moon mated.
-- Journey to the West

Monkey was born from an egg, which is used as a symbol. It shows that it doesn`t refer to a normal birth. From an egg, a bird is born. Birds can fly and flying symbolizes a higher state of consciousness and the God within oneself.

Pan Gu, the Chinese God of creation in an egg
You must seek God slowly, without any break.
A little stream which moves continually,
does not become tainted our foul.
From this effort is born felicity and joy;
this effort is the egg;
good fortune is the bird that comes forth.
-- Rumi (13th c. Sufi mystic and poet)

The egg symbolizes efforts to reach the state of Divine Presence, while the bird coming from the egg, symbolizes a prolonged state of Presence.

May he achieve all the transformations which he desires to make, for the august god who is in his egg has commanded that he shall breathe the air on the day of the great deed.
-- Egyptian Coffin Texts
A human being must be born twice, once from his mother and again from his own body and his own experience. The body is like an egg; the essence of man must become a bird in that egg through the warmth of love, then he can escape his body and fly in the eternal world of the soul, beyond space. -- Sultan Veled (13th c. persian Sufi poet)
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