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A drawing by William Blake

Confucius giving the Buddha child to Laozi
(China, Qing Dynasty)

Ask of those who have attained God; all speak the same word. All the saints are of one mind; it is only those in the midst of the way who follow diverse paths. All the enlightened have left one message; it is only those in the midst of their journey who hold diverse opinions. -- Dadu (15th c. Indian saint)
Japanese symbols of Presence shows the connection between symbols in the Japanese culture and the state of enlightenment.

The Taoist I Ching promotes the view that the I Ching is a manual for enlightenment rather than a book about divination.

The Secret of the Gloden Flower is a new translation of this text with detailed explanation.

The Fourth Way and Esoteric Traditions shows that the Fourth Way is a present day expression of the truths that are part of all esoteric traditions.

Being Present First, esoteric practice in the twenty-first century.

Livingpresence.com, a website of a Fourth Way school.