The True Way

When we return to the Precelestial (also called the Primordial or Earlier Heaven - 先天). we gradually enter the True Way. This is not the three thousand six hundred incorrect paths or the ninety-six digressions. This is the way of the Precelestial. If you are predestined to meet with the right teacher, then you are able to return to the true way. The true way begins with pointing to the opening of Wuchi (无极-the infinite). It is also called the Mysterious Gate. You must use the method of the Concentration of the Six Spirits to hold this opening still. With time, the original spirit will return to its proper place. To actualize these achievements, you must be taught by an enlightened teacher and you must swear an oath of life and death that you will not stray from the path. When you have accumulated the three thousand good deeds and fulfilled the eight hundred fruits of labor, the command from heaven will arrive, you will break out of the egg and ascend to immortality. This is known as the indestructible body of gold. -- Shui-Ching Tzu, Commentary on Cultivating Stilness -- Shui-Ching Tzu, Commentary on Cultivating Stillness
Mahavairocana Buddha, representing the Dharma body, the indestructable body of gold.
By Unkei, Enjoji temple, Nara Japan.

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