The True Word

The Journey to the West ends when the true word is found. All Esoteric Traditions speak about the Word of God, the Word of Presence, a Divine Word, a Sacred Word, a Syllable, a Single Word or the True Word. This all refers to a word or a mantra that brings us back to the state of Presence.

I will give you the word all scriptures praise, all spiritual disciplines express. That word is Om. This word is God; this word is highest. -- Hindu Texts, Katha Upanishad
If you want to have your aim (to reach God) wrapped in one thought, so that you can hold onto it better, take one short word of one syllable; this is better than one of two syllables. -- Anonymous English Monk
Most secret of all secrets, I will explain the great mind of mantra wisdom. I will now proclaim this for you. Hear me clearly with one mind. The A-syllable is the mind of all mantras. From it flow forth the infinite, all pervading mantras. -- The Vairocana Sutra (Buddhist Sutra)
A messenger has come to the king; a Divine Word which causes him to arise. -- Egyptian Pyramid Texts

Osiris arising, Twenty-sixth Dynasty, 664-525 BC, The Egyptian Museum, Cairo
Take him as your guru, who shows the path of truth; who tells you of the divine Word.
-- Guru Nanak (first Sikh guru, 16th c.)
If you ask what the Word of the Presence is, we will reply, the word “Be.”
--- Ibn Arabi (13th c. Andalusian Sufi mystic and philosopher )
To be or nor to be, that is the question. -- Shakespeare, Hamlet
In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. -- The Bible, John 1:1
To get an army of ten thousand men is not as good as having a single fitting word. -- Lao Tzu
One word of the Dhamma, hearing which one becomes at peace, is better than the utterance of a hundred verses which consist of superficial words. -- Buddha, Dhammapada
God is a word: an unspoken word. -- Meister Eckhart (13th c. German mystic)
After God’s order of ‘Be’, become better than words. -- Rumi (13th c. Sufi mystic and poet)
You only have to remember the one Word of God - and keep on practicing that one.
-- Sultan Bahu (17th c. Sufi mystic)
The Divine Word did not originate from man. -- Toltec Wisdom
Be associated with those who cling to the Sacred Word. -- Zoroaster
I've got a spell called True Words to calm the mind. -- Journey to the West

When Sanzang arrives at Vulture Peak he first receives blank scriptures, which symbolize wordless Divine Presence.

The blank texts are true, wordless scriptures, and they really are good. But as you living beings in the East are so deluded and have not achieved enlightenment we'll have to give you these ones instead. -- Journey to the West

The scriptures with words symbolize a mantra of True Words, with which one reach the state of Divine Presence, the God within oneself.

By hearing the word is acquired the wisdom of all the scriptures. -- Guru Nanak

The Monk Kuya, saying Amidha Buddha`s name six times
Kyoto, Japan 13th C.

The literal meaning of the word sutra is a thread or line that holds things together. This refers to holding the state of presence, by using True Words.

Connect your daily practices of remembrance one to another, like links in a chain. -- Jamaluddin (7th C, Sufi and poet)

The secret of a mantra is not something that is hidden intentionally, but something that has to be acquired by self-discipline, concentration, inner experience, insight, and constant practice, under the guidance of a competent Guru. -- Govinda, The Foundations of Tibetan Mysticism
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